1 on 1 Instruction
$30 an hour

Concealed Carry Course (CHL/LTC)
* special groups can be done, 5 pax minimum *
* females only courses available, taught by females, for females *

NRA Courses
NRA First Steps Courses
NRA Basic Pistol Course
NRA Basic Rifle Course
NRA Basic Shotgun Course

B-TAC Courses
These courses will push your comfort zone to a new level & make you more proficient!

$100 (3-4hrs)
B-TAC Tactical Pistol
B-TAC Tactical Carbine
B-TAC Tactical Shotgun

B-TAC Vehicle CQB Courses

B-TAC Intermediate Long Range Basic and Advanced
* for those looking to hone their hunting or sporting skills (like PRS matches) *

$30 (1hr)
B-TAC Basic Training Pistol or Carbine
* for persons with little to no experience with firearms *

Restorations, Parts & Gun Works

If you would like parts installed just stop on in any day and we can do the work. We can order parts to be installed as well. For best results PLEASEĀ stop by our office and discuss options with the gunsmith on duty.


Handguns and rifles to be professionally cleaned while you wait, or drop off. We even have SONIC CLEANING!

Custom Coating & Coloring

B-Tactical can custom coat or color your firearms, bows, etc. If you can dream it we can do it!


We have daily rentals onĀ firearms of all types. You MUST shoot our ammo ONLY in our firearms. Rent for a course or just to have some fun!