School or Workplace Security Assessments

Allow B-Tactical to do an official review of your security at workplace or school. We strive to give you honest solutions to your potential problems and will work hard to design and structure a secure area where all can feel safe from the danger or threats. We’ve done numerous assessments, from the easy to the complex. We’re willing to travel, even have traveled to overseas locations and conducted assessments for US Consulates before. B-Tactical is ready for anything you can throw our way. Allow us to help you be as secure as you want to be.

1 on 1 Instruction
$30-200 an Hour

Concealed Carry Course
TX CHL Course
* females only courses available, taught by females, for females *

NRA Courses
NRA First Steps Courses
NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO)
NRA Basic Pistol Course
NRA Basic Rifle Course
NRA Basic Shotgun Course
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
* females only courses available, taught by females for females *

B-TAC Courses
These courses will push your comfort zone to a new level & make you more proficient
$100 (4hrs)
B-TAC Tactical Pistol I/II/III
B-TAC Tactical Carbine I/II/III
B-TAC Tactical Shotgun I/II/III

$600 (6hrs)
B-TAC Tactical Helo Safety Course
* 6 hours of tactical carbine instruction geared towards allowing you to shoot from a helo and engage steel targets on the ground. Once completed you are allowed to fly and shoot from the helo withOUT a safety crew chief in back on hog hunts. *

$30 (2hrs)
B-TAC Basic Training Pistol/AR15 (For persons with little to no experience with firearms)

$100 (3hrs)
B-TAC Home Defender Course (For ALL ages, instruction on how to NOT become a victim in your home)

$65 (2-3hrs)
B-TAC What now? After CHL Carry Course (For persons who have completed a CHL course and looking for more)

Restorations, Parts & Gun Works

Our gunsmith will be available most Saturdays. If you would like parts installed just stop on in any day and we can arrange for him to do the work. We can order parts to be installed as well. For best results PLEASE simply email us what you are looking for, even if it’s in general.


$20 for most handguns and rifles to be professionally cleaned while you wait, or drop off.

Custom Coating & Coloring

B-Tactical can custom coat or color your firearms, bows, etc. If you can dream it we can do it in either Cerakoteing or Hydro Dipping.


B-Tactical rents firearms of all types. You MUST shoot our ammo ONLY in our firearms. Rent for a course or just to have some fun! Call/Email for details.