Stephanie- Vice President

Stephanie runs the day to day business operations and finances, along with current government and LE contracts. She is an avid shooter and competes in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and enjoys testing new things for the long range shooting sport industry. She holds a bachelors degree from Texas A&M (Whoop!) and is a published author. She is married and the proud mother of none other than Piper the Sniper!

Cole- Range Lead

Cole is a combat veteran of the US Army, having served in OEF and awarded the coveted Combat Infantry Badge (CIB). He is also a certified armourer and gunsmith and enjoys building ARs and trying new things. He likes long walks on the beach and staring at the stars.

Jim- Lead Gunsmith

Jim is a USAF veteran, and retired civilian pilot.  He is a certified gunsmith and armourer and enjoys tinkering with anything. Jim has a passion for self education having taught himself many things over the years. Never afraid to try something new and enjoys doing things right the first time. He is married to an amazing woman and active with his local church.


Patrick is a combat veteran of the US Army, having served in OEF and awarded the coveted Combat Medic Badge. Patrick is our resident medic. He is currently attending college in hopes of being a certified nurse one day. He is fluent in Vietnamese and enjoys reading books by the fire.


Jon was raised a military brat and enjoyed a long career within the insurance industry, for which he does independent consulting for now. He has worked with us for several years as a range officer (RSO) and instructor. He is a favorite with the customers and can often be found here helping new shooters with pointers on the pistol range. Jon is married to an amazing woman and is a super proud father.


Bob is a US Navy veteran who retired from a distinguished career in wildlife management and conservation, where he traveled the US in search of predators to help ranchers protect their livestock. He is an avid horse whisperer and simply a dang good cowboy. He has made a life of hunting predators around the US and knows pretty much everything about bobcats and coyotes. Yes, ladies, he’s single. He’s a proud father of a young man and enjoys line dancing, just not with his spurs on.


Josh is a combat veteran of the US Army (Airborne), having served in OIF. Josh conducted numerous deployments while working for Triple Canopy doing PSD work around the globe. He holds an associates degree and is a certified LE officer in Texas! He is happily married and is the proud father of rambunctious boys.


Boz is a combat veteran of both the US Army and USAF (SOCOM), having served in numerous locations and in OIF and OEF. He has worked for Triple Canopy conducting PSD missions around the globe as well after his military service. He holds a bachelors, masters degree (MBA) and is a published author. He is married to the only woman who will put up with him and is the proud father of an amazing little girl. Boz continues to work around the world in conjunction with the US government to this day.


*Yes, our staff is simply the best!  They are funny, smart and ready to help you have a great time whether buying your first gun or shooting on one of our many ranges.  Stop by, have a laugh and let us enjoy your company while you find out what B-Tactical is all about.*